Case Study

There is no doubt Eyeplan generates revenue for a business.

Here are the numbers that prove it.

Through the new value exchange with patients Eyeplan brings financial rewards for the practice.  These rewards do not come in the form of ‘discount repayment’ or as a ‘savings scheme’ but as a type of capitation plan – that is, payments are received when services are not necessarily used in a given monthly period.

Thus, as a simple example, if a practice had 100 members paying £10 per month, this would create a fee income of £1000.  If five of those members visited the practice in a given month, this would equate to £200 per eye examination.

In addition to fee income, Eyeplan has the effect of increasing dispense values and rates as members take advantage of the value on offer.

It is clear that practices that adopt the Eyeplan Business Model effectively and take advantage of the training, marketing and support services on offer, will generate significant revenues and secure their businesses.

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