Eyeplan training is a central part of our support services.

Start-up training

Induction training is aimed at the entire practice staff and provides all the information required to effectively launch Eyeplan in your practice.

  • Why Eyeplan is necessary for an independent practice in today’s market.
  • Presenting the Eyeplan choice to patients without the ‘hard sell’.
  • The Eyeplan Accidental Damage Scheme.
  • The administration of Eyeplan.

Eyeplan visits again after around six weeks for follow up training. This is an informal session aimed at answering questions and revisiting any areas of the induction as necessary.

Ongoing training

We also recommend occasional top up training sessions to revisit the core Eyeplan messages. These are available on demand to all Associate practices, whatever your stage of development with Eyeplan.

Eyeplan can also provide one-on-one training for new staff and customised sessions to support general practice training days.

Eyeplan training is free and on demand.
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