Eyecare Schemes: The Tailor-Made Approach

Eyeplan has traditionally offered relatively fixed eye care plans. However, as professional care services offered by independent practices have developed and grown, and there are many variations between practices, Eyeplan now advocates a tailor-made approach.

Tailored Benefits

Eyeplan members enjoy a tailor-made package of benefits in exchange for their monthly membership fee. These are usually (but not limited to):

  • Inclusive (‘free’) eye examinations.
  • Eye care when they feel they need it.
  • Access to specialist clinics.
  • Special member pricing on frames and lenses.
  • Accidental Damage Cover for spectacles.
  • Family membership discounts.

The tailor-made element applies when additional services such as OCT examinations, Optomap, Dry Eye Clinics, Schoolvision, Sportvision etc. are included or excluded either at the practice or the patient’s preference.   Fess are of course configured accordingly.

Core Schemes

The core schemes of Eyeplan Essentials, Eyeplan Reward, Eyeplan 60plus and Eyeplan Contacts remain and are promoted online with the tailor-made element specified at practice level.

White label / Own brand

Eyeplan also creates and manages white label schemes either incorporating the Eyeplan brand or utilising only the practice brand.

The choice is yours!
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