What does Eyeplan do?

Collecting modest monthly payments for eye care generates revenue for your business and builds patient loyalty.

  • Through contracted income that is collected by Eyeplan monthly.
  • Through improved pricing, resulting in members using the value to purchase better frames and lenses.
  • Through better purchasing frequency thanks to the value offered.


  • Manages fee collections including contracts and compliance.
  • Supports you with training, supporting materials and free marketing services.
  • Offers pricing consultancy to keep you competitive and profitable.
  • Provides the brand that sits alongside your own.

Managed Fee Collections

With Eyeplan, you can create tailor-made eye care packages using our unique online management system ‘Opti’.
Tell us what your ambitions are and we can help you meet them.

Eyeplan’s collection services include:

  • Processing the Direct Debits.
  • Contracts and Regulatory Compliance.
  • Managed fee increases.
  • Changes and amendments.
  • Missed payments.
  • Patient Communications.

Supported Fee Generation

Take a look at our practice support services to see how we can help make your eye care schemes successful. Have a look at the case study to see the results Eyeplan can bring.

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