Eyeplan Opti

Eyeplan Opti

Opti is Eyeplan’s easy online scheme management software. It is provided free to Associates.

The word Opti come from options and that is what Eyeplan is about – options for patients and options for the practice. It allows easy, secure, online management of a practice’s Eyeplan membership.

Options for Care
Practices can now offer tailor made eye care plans that include the services that a member needs from the practice, whether that be a standard eye care package or a package that includes, for example, OCT, Optomap, Fundus photography and Dry Eye Clinics. Opti can also be configured to cater for specialist care services such as school vision or behavioural optometry.

Options for Goods
Eyeplan Opti allows practice to collect Direct Debits not only for care fees but also for goods also (goods being contact lenses) and if a practice wishes, repayments for spectacle purchases.
For contact lenses, Opti has a dedicated contact lens module which allows for the pre loading of contact lens selection by manufacturer and lens type and the pre pricing of lenses. All practice staff need to do then is to select the lens – Opti will do the rest.
For spectacle repayments Opti allows for the pre-determined end to a collection for say a spectacle repayment. Thus, an ongoing, unlimited scheme membership can be registered and in the same debit a limited time repayment. Once entered Opti will do the rest and the repayment part comes to an end automatically.

Options for the Practice
Opti is configured to the practice requirement. Pre stored pricing, scheme and care offers are unique to each practice (or group of practices) and configured by Eyeplan as a service to the Eyeplan Associate practice.

Options of Groups
For groups of independent practices Opti offers centralised management of pricing, users and statements.

General features

Please ask for a demonstration.