Training is provided to practices free and on demand.

Good training is a recognised and valuable means of motivating staff and improving productivity. It is also acknowledged that training from an outside agency can be more effective than that provided from the internal resources of the practice.
Training is a central part of the support services provided by Eyeplan. It is provided as part of the induction process, and as and when an Associate believes it would be beneficial for their practice staff.
Training is delivered in a variety of forms:

Induction Training
This session is aimed at the entire practice staff and is a formal presentation led session that lasts up to two and a half hours, depending on the number of staff present. The training is a comprehensive introduction to Eyeplan and provides all the information needed to effectively launch Eyeplan in a practice.  
The training includes:

Follow Up Training
Eyeplan will visit the Associate practice after an agreed period (usually around six weeks) for follow up training. This is an informal session aimed at answering any questions from the practice staff and revisiting any areas of the induction training as may be necessary.

Top Up Training
From time to time Associate practices should have some ‘top up’ training and revisit some of the central “quality over price” messages that Eyeplan has within it. Top up training is usually a cut down version of the induction training, tweaked to a practice’s particular needs. Top up training is available on demand to all Associate practices, whatever their stage of development with Eyeplan.

Individual Training
Staff members in a practice do change from time to time. When this happens Eyeplan will arrange to visit the practice and train an individual ‘one on one’.

Custom Training
Occasionally Eyeplan is invited to join practice training days and is able to provide customised sessions to help contribute to the success of these important events.

Training support for Eyeplan is ‘on demand’ and included within the Associate support package.