Marketing Support

Marketing Support from Eyeplan

At Eyeplan we know that our success is entirely a reflection of your success.  Our free marketing services are that to help our Associates be successful.

Eyeplan’s Commercial Team provides a number of marketing services designed to help your practice be successful, and Eyeplan successful within the practice.  With the exception of external direct costs these services are free and available to all Associates, right from the start.

Services included:

Eyeplan’s in house designer will prepare designs for posters, mailshots, leaflets, flyers or any particular piece of support materials.  These could cover everything from a leaflet covering specialist clinical services through to a window poster for a sunglasses promotion or an event invitation.

Social Media
Eyeplan regularly posts new social media content, including videos, on our Facebook page and these are ready for Associates to share.  Eyeplan also has a large on line vault of social media posts covering a wide range of optical subjects.  These are free for Associates to download and use on tier own on-line feeds.

If your practice has done something good then why not shout about it? Tell us your story and Eyeplan’s in house PR specialist will prepare the press release for submission to your local papers.

Mailing campaigns
Eyeplan can design and manage mailing campaigns using postcards or letters, either top Eyeplan members, practice patents or mail drops to the local area.

Marketing Bulletins
Every month Eyeplan issues Marketing Bulletins with new ideas and designs.  These are intended to inspire practices to do a little marketing.  Bulletins are topical offering ideas through the seasons.

Marketing services are tailor made and on demand.